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New CA CruiseAbility forum is open for business!

The CruiseAbility forum has now opened within the member’s section of the CA website. Its aim is to ensure that the objects of the Cruising Association are inclusive of members with disabilities or impairments, and assist these keen people to sail yachts.

zyGrib Wind and weather sequences

Those even slower on the uptake than I am may be interested in the zyGrib wind/weather sequence facility. On a zyGrib chart, select a location with the mouse pointer, right click, choose Meteotable. The result will be as the attached picture. Very useful.

zyGrib sequence

Jeanne Socrates Triumphs!

Hearty congratulations to CA member Jeanne Socrates who arrived in Cape Town (Royal Cape Y.C.) on Wednesday, 11th May at 5.10 p.m. local time at the successful conclusion of her third attempt to circumnavigate single-handed via Cape Horn. Her journey, via New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada/USA, Cape Horn, and the Falkland Islands took 14 months. At the age of 68, Jeanne is the oldest woman to complete a single-handed round-world voyage via Cape Horn and one of fewer than twenty women to have done so.

GRIB forecasts available to 8 days

GFS GRIB data on the 1/2 degree resoulution Have been  available from Saildocs for some months now. Newly introduved on zyGrib, if you ask for 7 days you will get 8. Presumably, they will amend the menu in time. The app from Weather 4D also has 8 day GFS GRIBs. See


iGrib - A viewer for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

For those into hand-held technology, iGrib is a GRIB file viewer for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is being developed by a CA member (S/V Mojo) and is low cost at £2.99.

A statement from the CA about the shooting of the crew of Quest

The entire membership of the Cruising Association is shocked to learn that Scott and Jean Adam and their crew Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle on board their sailing yacht Quest have been fatally shot by their captors following the hijacking by Somali pirates off the coast of Oman.

Scott Adam was a member of the Cruising Association and the yacht had been taking part in the round-the-world Blue Water Rally but had left the rally before the attack.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those who died.

New Imray Digital Charts at the Information Centre

The Cruising Association Information Centre is pleased to announce the acquisition of a complete set of up-to-date Imray Digital Charts for use by members on the PC in the Information Centre. The charts cover the following areas:

North Sea, South and East.

The English Channel

West Coast of Britain and Ireland

The Western Mediterranean

Atlantic France and Iberia

Eastern Carribbean

Update information on the New Marine Diesel

The requirement for the use of the new marine low sulphur diesel became law  this year on the 14th January. 

RATS has just been told by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers and the Department of Transport that most of this fuel will now be supplied free of the troublesome 'bio' FAME material.

The new details, and a re-iteration of the precautions members should take, are included in the attached press release.

Colin Heywood.

Log Competition: Call for entries

Where did you cruise last year? Got a story to tell?

Members are encouraged to submit an account of their cruising antics of 2010 for the annual log competition. There are a range of categories and if you're lucky, you might even win a prize. All logs submitted are held in the library and information centre at CA House where we have an extensive collection of logs going back to the earliest days of the Associaiton.


Brits DO Cruise the Baltic: CA responds to Yachting Monthly Letter

Henn Avasalu's letter (YM Dec p. 16) "Sail the Baltic" attracted our attention as it demonstrates the warm welcome British and other visiting yachtsmen receive all around the Baltic as well as highlighting some of the advantages of cruising this beautiful and interesting area. Henn has been unfortunate in meeting few of us because we are out there in considerable numbers but by October we have laid up our boats and returned home.