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Red diesel and the validity of the Istanbul Convention of 1990

Marine red diesel is still on sale to leisure vessels in the UK, despite the Government’s plans to phase it out following a judgment from the European Court of Justice. Now that Britain has left the EU, red diesel will continue to be legal for the propulsion of vessels in the UK until April 2022. However, red diesel in crafts’ engine tanks is not permitted in the EU27 and other countries.

Brexit Sailing Issues Addressed in Cruising Association RATS Webinar

The key Brexit issues affecting the sailing community have been addressed in a recently held Brexit Special Webinar entitled "Brexit Issues for Cruisers", the contents of which was researched and presented by members of the Cruising Association (CA) Regulations and Technical Services group (RATS).

Think Before You Buy

The end of the Transition Period on 31 December 2020 will have significant implications for yacht owners. The UK will leave the EU Customs Union, which will have an impact on the VAT status of cruising yachts – both immediately at the end of the Transition Period and on an ongoing basis.


Changing Status

Webinar: Brexit Issues for Cruisers

Sat, 05/12/2020 - 10:00

In this webinar members of RATS (the CA’s Regulatory and Technical Services group) will explain the main difficulties for cruising sailors arising out of Brexit and answer your questions.


Programme of events

Brexit Issues for Cruisers Addressed in RATS Webinar

Members of the CA’s Regulations and Technical Services group, better known to members as 'RATS', are hosting a webinar exclusively for members, entitled "Brexit issues for cruisers" on Saturday 5 December at 10am.

Schengen 90 Implications



The Regulations and Technical Services group (RATS) has been researching options which might help cruising sailors extend their cruising in Europe following the UK’s departure from the EU.

The Cruising Association welcomes Scottish Marking Order for Lobster Pot Buoys

The Cruising Association’s Regulations and Technical Services group, RATS, has welcomed the initiative taken by the Scottish government which came into force on 20 June making the marking of a string of creels (lobster or crab pots) with anything other than a buoy made for that purpose unlawful.


A cautious return to cruising

Over the past few months, the Cruising Association’s RATS (Regulations and Technical Services) group has been hard at work researching, collating and compiling weekly updates covering the UK, Europe and the Mediterranean, since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The future of UK Red Diesel

The Cruising Association’s Regulations and Technical Services group (RATS) has been in communication with HMRC and confirmed, as a result of the March Budget Statement, that it is their intention to legislate that red diesel in the United Kingdom can only be used in agricultural equipment, on the railways and for non-commercial heating from 1st April 2022.

Covid-19: Information on Cruising Restrictions

Cruisers will be aware that Covid-19 presents a challenge to cruising unprecedented outside wartime. The situation and the measures being taken by various governments are fast moving. Cruisers are advised to follow these closely through the usual news media.