CA Solent Section Summer Programme 2013

SUMMER EVENTS already arranged

Saturday/Sunday 11/12 May DIY Barbecue in Bembridge

Rodney and Karen Ireland look forward to welcoming us to this new venue for our first meet of the summer.

Saturday/Sunday 21/22 September Gins Farm Meet

Once again Alec Macpherson and Cate have undertaken the running of our final meet of the season when we hope to be joined by members of the South Coast Section of the Rival Owners Association of which CA members Steve and Cathy Lacey are the vice-presidents.

Alethea Truin has volunteered to run a Meet at Itchenor and is in the process of setting that up at the time of this post. More news to follow.


If other events are to be organised we (Solent Joint Secretaries) need volunteers to run them as we are embarking on a challenging and ambitious round-Britain trip with the Old Gaffers Association which should take us from early May until mid-August.  You can google the whole event on and even hopefully follow High Barbaree’s progress once we set off. 

We hope members will link in with the Channel Islands and North France Section for their rally which is planned for 19th July to 26th July. But ideas for one or two more events would be welcomed.  Please let us know if you would be willing to help before we come round with the Press Gang.