The CA responds to the Budget Statement concerning the use of red diesel

Following the proposals for the future use of red diesel in the Budget Statement on Wednesday 11 March 2020, the Cruising Association (CA) notes that from April 2022, private pleasure vessels will no longer be able to use red diesel for propulsion but will be able and are indeed entitled to use it for on-board heating purposes. Other marine commercial vessels such as fishing boats will still be able to use red diesel but at the lower duty rate. Our pleasure craft already pay the standard white diesel rate for propulsion but for heating, the lower duty rate is applicable.

However, the CA’s assessment is that, for now, private pleasure craft should continue to use red diesel as they currently do since it is still the only easily available diesel fuel. CA Members, and other sailors, might wish to follow the CA’s advice on using red diesel when sailing to EU State waters in this coming season.

The CA’s Regulations and Technical Services (RATS) Group has already spoken to the Treasury on this issue and HMRC has said they will shortly continue their contact with us (and other interested groups). This will allow the CA to continue discussions on the future use of red diesel by private pleasure craft. It will also ensure that there will be satisfactory solutions to all of the known problems arising from this change to marine diesel for all recreational uses throughout the United Kingdom.

The CA welcomes the Government announcement of its intention to ensure private pleasure craft users are not worse off in terms of the fuel duty they pay following any changes to the entitlement to use red diesel.

11 March 2020


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