CAptain's Mate Mobile Application Privacy Statement

  1. Our Mobile App is provided to allow Association members to share facts and opinions about places they visit, and to share their positions with each other while cruising.
  2. Information shared via the app with other members is limited to:
    1. reports (text entered by you about a place);
    2. images uploaded by you;
    3. your current location, if you opt in to "share my location with friends"; and
    4. your on-screen identification (the name and/or boat name you set for Friends, and your username on reports and images).
  3. Any Images you share must be subject to our Image upload rules, defined on the App Notices page.
  4. Regarding the Friends service:
    1. Members using the Friends service will be required to share their current Location for other members to view on the map. You cannot view other members' positions without sharing your own;
    2. While you have the Friends service activated, your current location will be shared periodically, even if the App is closed;
    3. This service is disabled by default, and once enabled, can be disabled at any time; and
    4. If you choose to be contactable by email through the Friends service, your email address will not be revealed to other members by the service until you reply to an email received from another member (we send the initial email on the intiating member's behalf without showing them the recipient address or placing a copy of it on their device).
  5. The App does not hold any personal information about you other than that required for authentication purposes, and provided from our servers for the display of your membership card. None of this information is shared via the app with other members.
  6. No information you enter will be shared with any third-party organisation without your explicit further permission.
  7. Your IP address may be logged alongside the requests to retrieve or post data (API requests) made by your copy of the app, for fault finding and security purposes. The Cruising Association may retain these records in our log files and databases for time periods in accordance with our Website and Overarching privacy statements.