'Our’ sailing legend shares his story

Following on from the enjoyable and insightful chat between the CA’s President Julian Dussek and Patron Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in our Tuesday-night webinar for CA members, we have great pleasure in sharing this feature-length sailing documentary film, launched last month, and chronicling the extraordinary life, career and record-breaking voyage of this legendary ocean racer and adventurer, the first person to complete a solo non-stop circumnavigation of the globe.



In his own words, Sir Robin recounts the astonishing story behind his epic achievement over 50 years ago. Hear from Sir Ben Ainslie, Alex Thompson, Chris Bonnington and Dee Caffari, among others, on how Sir Robin continues to inspire others to push themselves to their limits and be adventurous.

"To me, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is an iconic figure and one of the greatest sailors to have ever set foot in a boat" - Sir Ben Ainslie

"The thing that made Robin stand out so much was that he wasn't well known, he wasn't famous, he was an ordinary chap who built his own boat and did something nobody on earth had ever done before. Through sheer drive, guts and determination." - John Simpson, BBC Correspondent

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10 June 2020