Channel Section Seminar (online)

Saturday 5th February 2022

Normally at this time of year we hold a full day seminar at CA House to bring together Channel Section members for some presentations in a sociable atmosphere. However, for 2022 we have changed our plan to offering two half day sessions presenting some of the topics that would have been in the seminar.

Channel Seminar Morning Online Presentations

These will commence at 10am.

Processes and Paperwork for Cross-Channel Sailing
Bob Garrett - Channel Secretary

This presentation will build upon the CA RATS webinar which takes place on Saturday 22nd January.
We will go into more details related to France, the Channel Islands and the UK. It will provide the latest information about ports of entry and their processes and consider issues for passage planning. It will also present information on visas for France for those considering stays in the EU of over 90 days, and look forward to further changes such as EES/ETIAS.

Basic French Phrases For Cruising
Jennifer Homer

Most people we come into contact with in France (Marinas, Restaurants, Shops, Officials, etc.) will speak some English. However, it is polite to at least initiate conversation with a French greeting or introduction which might make many, especially officials, even more helpful. When cruising, there are also some expressions you might need that are not in general French phrase books e.g. draft, fender, shore line, passport stamp.
Jennifer Homer, who normally holds on-line "French For Sailors" courses, will talk us through some words, phrases and strategies that could be useful for your next trip.

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Channel Seminar Afternoon Online Presentations

These will commence at 2pm

Cruising the Baie de Seine
Steve and Cathy Lacey

Baie de Seine – a coast steeped in history and interactions with the English from William the Bastard through to the Normandy invasion of 1944.  The coast was protected, with varying degrees of success by fortifications from Vauban to the Organisation Todt.
Covering from St Vaast to Honfleur, with particular emphasis on accessibility from the sea, the military history and artefacts with which the area abounds.
Steve and Cathy have explored the area on a number of occasions in their Rival 34, Wild Rival, between 2009 and 2020.

West Country Channel Crossing
Liz Simons

With the extra complications of ports of entry more members may choose a Channel crossing from the West Country directly to Brittany. This presentation will look at the planning and execution of such a longer crossing considering issues like boat and equipment, the route, timing and tide, crew, weather, navigation, safety and emergencies, night sailing and pilotage.

Liz Simons is qualified to Yachtmaster Ocean, is an RYA Tutor, has participated (skipper and crew) in many prestigious races and has sailed on many trips to France and the Channel Islands as family cruises, racing and for mile-builders.

This is open to members, including Crewing Service members, only. You will need to be logged in to see the link below to register to join.

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