Covid-19 Restrictions on Cruising: Isle of Man


Status Summary

Currently private leisure vessels, unless they have only IoM residents on board, may not land in the Isle of Man other than at Douglas (see below for procedure). It is permissible to moor up to rest overnight in a bay elsewhere to shelter from adverse weather or to obtain urgent repairs but crew must NOT go ashore. For clarification or assistance contact Douglas Harbour Control +44 1624 686612 (24 hour) or VHF Ch.12. Failure to comply may result in conviction with a maximum fine of up to £10,000 or up to 3 months’ imprisonment. Note: The Isle of Man Courts have imprisoned people for what in the UK would be regarded as relatively minor covid-19 offences.

The Chief Minister announced on the 17th of June that from the 28th of June anyone who has had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination administered within the British Isles and has had at least a two week period following their second dose – allowing the vaccine to take full effect or is able to demonstrate that they have had Covid-19 more than 10 days ago and within the previous 6 months and has not travelled outside the Common travel Area within the previous 10 days – will be able to travel to the Isle of Man unrestricted. This means no isolation and no testing on arrival. A Landing Form must be completed within 48 hrs of arrival. See Travel Notification Service.

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